Top Secret:
The suave, swashbuckling, tea sipping singer has spent over 20 years as a cultural creator in music.
On a journey of weird and wonderful phenominoms, Imaginative interludes and creative brilliance.
It’s time to experience the secrets and sensational talent of
-‘the Bond of music.’





Unforgettable performances

“Jack T. Harper is a fantastic jazz / soul band headed by the very talented Jack T Harper. I first heard them in a local country pub, performing a regular Sunday gig. On listening to them for 15 minutes I decided they had to play at my upcoming party. Even though the party based in Southern Spain they agreed to the gig with enthusiasm and set about organising travel etc. The party was a massive success with Jack T. Harper providing the music for easy listening and dance. The guys created a great Vibe and sounded fantastic. It was amazing the sound that 3 musicians can create, flattering Jacks very soulful voice. I would not hesitate to book them again and have recommended them many times over – with never any disappointment.” - Stephanie Hirschfeld, Chipstead, Surrey

Jack has a very strong, distinctive and endearing voice that brings something new to each and every song. His arrangements of some of the biggest songs, makes his performance stand out above all other bands and performers around today

'In my business, you prepare for the unexpected'
- Bond - Licence to Kill


4 days ago

Jack T. Harper

Tickets are now available for the 3rd November Listening Concert at The Courtyard Cafe (formerly Banners)
Please contact Lynne Robertson for tickets as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

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2 weeks ago

Jack T. Harper

In November work begins on the new Album..
This will be an album of original songs and one or two choice covers.
What Cover Song would you like to hear on the album?

(Please post your suggestions on this page. Next week we will start to narrow down the list)

Looking forward to some great suggestions. 🙂

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Build your bond

From contemporary Pop, Soul & swing to rhythm & Blues, Jack and the ‘Zootz’ have the ability, stage presence, experience and ‘wow’ factor that will give any occasion that extra special layer of musical entertainment that cannot fail to please all!


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Cleverly eclectic

Whether it be a small private party or a rock stadium Jack has the ability to adapt both his repertoire and the size of his band to suit the occasion.

Jacks musical skills are vast, enabling any performance piece to take him from playing a mean harmonica, through flamenco guitar to full-on electric rock that no body is going to forget.


‘The only thing more legendary & renowned than Jacks smart attire is his refined, particular and connoisseur taste in tea’

‘Songs with soul are transported and ingrained in our collective vocabulary’

From Jack with Love