Let Jack make every moment of your celebration just perfect in every way

‘From this moment on,

Life has begun,

From this moment on,

You are the one,

Right beside you is

where I belong,

From this moment on’

If you’re getting married soon and want every moment of your wedding day made perfect, look no further!


Jack’s outstanding musical talent, his amazing repertoire and the unique choice of band formats means Jack cam make every second of your special Wedding Day party exactly how you want it.

Happy Birthday to ya,

Happy Birthday to ya,

Happy Bi-i-i-i-irthday.

If you’d like to give someone special a very special birthday they’ll never forget, Jack’s your man.


Jack (solo) or Jack and his band (duo, trio, quartet) would love to make your birthday celebration a fabulous time of great music and great atmosphere.

And I’m thinking ‘bout how

People fall in love

in mysterious ways,

Maybe just the touch of a hand,

Well me I fall in love with you every single day,

And I just wanna tell you I am.

Big anniversary coming up? Want to make it one to remember? Every word Jack sings comes from the heart, making him perfect for your celebration of love!


Gorgeous music, full of heart and soul, as a solo or with his band, Jack will give you an anniversary celebration that you’ll cherish for years.

Jack T Harper’s online show – https://highnotes.uk